Target group:

All registered AEA’s have to complete a CPG 2018 update to bring them onto the new HPCSA guidelines and expanded protocols.


 Course Objectives:

A manual /workbook to go through to prepare is issued for pre-course preparation. This covers the balance of the CPG content not covered by the modules. 10 Modules online with 3 CPD points allocated per module. If you have an in date AHA BLS card don’t have to do the BLS online Adult and Pead modules.



  • Vital Signs
  • Obstetric management
  • Spinal Motion Restriction
  • Basic ECG interpretation
  • Incubator Use
  • Adult BLS
  • Paed BLS
  • Penthroxyflurane
  • Asthma -Hydrocortisone/ Methylprednisone
  • Injection



A 3-day classroom program



On successful completion – passing the evaluation of the modules, MCQ and skills evaluation (24 CPD points)

The AEA will have a total of 54 CPD points – almost set for two years!


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